Payroll management - shared service centres

Payflow - Peɪ-fləʊ
noun - a portmanteau of the words “payroll” and “workflow”. A system used in the successful management of payroll by in house payroll teams, shared service centres or payroll bureaux.

Shared service centres have similar problems to payroll bureaux; the customer’s compliance to the process is still essential to delivering payroll efficiently and on time. The customer,  although now internal, i.e. the business units, still needs to be managed and their compliance should be tracked to assist with this management. Of course, GDPR plays an essential part too, the transmission of personal data should be carefully considered.

Payflow allows the business unit and the shared service centre’s payroll team to turn an agreed plan into actionable tasks, in task lists. The template of tasks created is then applied to the schedule of pay dates for that payroll, on the required frequency (e.g. monthly, 2-weekly, etc).

In Payflow the business unit and the shared service centre have their own task lists

As each user is logged into Payflow, we know who does what and when, and can therefore provide the payroll service with data about who completed tasks on time, and who didn’t.

Our powerful dashboard allows you to see:

1) the current work
    number of tasks that should be being worked on, are being worked on and any tasks that are overdue or are at risk of going overdue.

2) upcoming work
     the number of tasks that fall on particular days, looking forward. Allowing you to see where weekly and monthly activity collide to cause problems with your resourcing.

3) the quality of service being delivered across all business units
     as a compliance trend graph over 12 months and as figures for the past 7 days, 30 days and last 6 months.

4) the service quality per business unit/location (least-best first)
    a bar graph showing individual business units based on their compliance, with the business unit that is most overdue on tasks first in the graph.

1) Top left 2) Top right3) bottom left and 4) bottom right

Payflow allows payroll service providers to plan, organise, manage and control the payroll process.
It has been built with Payroll professionals and focuses on centralising key information, removing risk and increasing efficiency for a payroll team. Payflow is what payroll has been missing, a payroll-system agnostic method for planning the work, informing people of the deadlines, tracking the activity and reporting on payroll delivery to senior business managers. 

Whilst Payflow is predominantly used by payroll bureau and accountants offering a payroll service, it has been built for shared service centres to as the same problems arise.

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