Payflow at the Awards

The industry recognition we've achieved

Payroll World Awards 2016

We are proud that Payflow has been selected as a finalist for Payroll Software Product of the Year. These awards recognise success in providers that offer innovative solutions, significant cost savings and business benefits to their clients.

Payflow is what the payroll industry has been missing; a solution for managing the payroll function, its processes and workflows. It helps plan, track and manage all work across all payrolls, replacing the whiteboards, post-it notes and creaking, single-access excel tracking sheets that are so common. Payflow turns thousands of intensively hand-managed tasks into a clean, well-organised and manageable queue of work items for a team to complete – all in chronological and priority order.

It is a ‘set-it-up-once’ solution, feed Payflow the planning logic (e.g. “last workday of the month”) and taking into account weekends and non-working days it schedules the work into the future. Payflow automatically generates your schedule of tasks, highlighting the peaks and troughs, allowing you to plan ahead and manage better.

Managers can see at a glance where a task is behind schedule and dive into the detail to put the payroll back on track. This ensures proactive working rather than a reactive approach (which is common when deadlines are many and tight!).

Payflow is helping BPO organisations, some of the UK’s top accounting firms and Payroll Bureaux get a handle on their Payroll Service offering, enabling them to scale without proportionate cost.

Payflow is truly unique, it takes an outside-in approach to payroll service management that is refreshing and absolutely necessary for any industry once in a while. We can now manage payroll activity properly, with the relevant management information to drill into the detail and stop risks before they become problems.

— Rob Evans, Payroll Operations Manager, Liberata Ltd

Payflow gives us the right information at the right time to manage our numerous payrolls more effectively and stop things from going wrong. Payflow is about being proactive, not reactive just like a successful bureau needs to be!

— Mandy Gardiner MMPA, Head of Payroll Services at P W Payroll Solutions Ltd.

It's important to understand the 'aggregation of marginal gains'. Put simply... how small improvements in a number of different aspects of what we do can have a huge impact to the overall performance of the team.

— Sir Dave Brailsford

Payroll World Awards 2015

Payflow, the innovative task management software solution from NewOrbit Ltd has been selected as a finalist in the Implementation Project Award category for its implementation by Employer Services Ltd (ESL).

The Payroll World Awards, launched in 2011, highlights the very best that the Payroll Industry has to offer and NewOrbit are thrilled to be counted amongst them.

Payflow applies technology to deliver an easy to use, intuitive solution to proactively drive the service provision to clients. It cuts across thousands of tasks for hundreds of clients and serves them up in the order that your team need to attend to first.

ESL is a forwarding-thinking, client orientated provider of Payroll, HR and Business Services, based in Brentwood. They selected Payflow to deliver process improvements to their Payroll function and to further add value to the service that they deliver to their clients.